The garbage contained in it will be some soupy wet garbage


Next, the garbage bag manufacturer will introduce to you what are the specifications of the garbage bags used in the restaurant and kitchen.5S. If the garbage bag used is not a regular garbage bag, you need to go to the garbage bag manufacturer to customize the garbage bag. Well, the above is the introduction of garbage bag manufacturers to the specifications of garbage bags commonly used in restaurants.

The garbage bag manufacturer is a packaging film professional manufacturer of customized garbage bags, which can be customized according to the different requirements of customers in size, thickness and printing to meet the actual needs of users. Of course, some of the garbage bags above are not static in size and thickness, and they must be determined according to the environment of each restaurant and the needs of customers.

Garbage bags are a product that is used and sold very much in our lives. For restaurants, the garbage bags used in the specification will be 80*90, 90*100, 80*100, 100*110, 100*120 and other different sizes of garbage bags, and the thickness will be 1. In this case, the garbage bag is required to be thicker, and the garbage bag that is too thin will be easily damaged by the residue and the garbage will be exposed. 

For restaurants and kitchens, under normal circumstances, the garbage contained in it will be some soupy wet garbage, or some food residue. Garbage bags can be said to provide a guarantee for our environmental hygiene.3S- The thickness varies around 2. I hope it can be helpful to everyone. When not in use and in the environment, the garbage bags used may differ in specifications and thickness

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How to choose a better manufacturer


Qualified, or not satisfied. It should be noted that custom-made plastic bags involving edible products also require better protection in terms of safety, otherwise they are likely to cause greater harm to users..

In our real life, plastic bags are often seen. When choosing custom-made plastic bags, you need to choose a better and safe manufacturer, because these manufacturers have relevant production qualifications and have better technical strengths in all aspects. If you need such a plastic bag, you need to customize it. reminds you to choose a better and safe manufacturer of degradable garbage bags, so that customized plastic bags can be put into the market better. , This kind of plastic bag is called custom-made plastic bag.

It should be noted that in shopping malls or supermarkets, the plastic bags are usually printed with supermarket logos or supermarket advertisements, and such plastic bags are different from ordinary plastic bags. Customized plastic bags are a good choice for users. The plastic bags produced require environmental protection, safety and sustainable development. Although our country has strict management in this area, there are still many small factories and workshops that make plastic bags that do not meet the standard.  

The more important thing is that such manufacturers have obtained the production department of our country. So if you need this kind Wholesale Flexible Packaging Films manufacturer of customized biodegradable packaging bag, how to choose a better manufacturer?   

With my country’s strict requirements on environmental protection, plastic bags are strictly restricted and protected when they are produced. If you do not choose the manufacturer when making plastic bags, it is likely to cause the customized products to fail. We can take into account the needs of users in terms of environmental protection and safety, and choose to cooperate with such manufacturers

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