The size of custom-made plastic shopping bags


For example, plastic shopping bags used in shopping malls or supermarkets, clothing stores, boutiques, jewelry stores, etc. Therefore, when ordering, there should be strict specifications for its size, according to our needs. So when making plastic bags, you can better integrate your own characteristics and logos directly into plastic shopping bags, which is also a kind of advertising.

With the development of the times, custom-made plastic bags are nothing new. Take shopping bags for example. Therefore, when customizing plastic shopping bags, determine your own material positioning requirements. Generally, the plastic bags used in supermarkets are mainly made of PO materials, and some of the shops we usually visit, such as clothing stores, jewelry stores, boutiques, etc. Plastic shopping bags sold in the market can be made of more than one material., are mainly made of PE.  

Secondly, the size of custom-made plastic shopping bags. So in the process of customizing plastic bags, what are the issues that need to be reminded? First of all, we must understand its material. Commonly used shopping bags can be divided into two types: PE and PO. Because each product is different for each different merchant, the required size of the bag is different. For example, if we are a shoe seller, our plastic bags must be customized according to the size of the shoe box. 

If we do not pay attention to these issues, it is possible that this plastic bag customized by ourselves may not be able to meet our own needs. Size to make. Each of our businesses will have its own Scotch Bopp Tape Manufacturer different characteristics and will have its own different signs. will all need plastic shopping bags.Finally, we will find that when customizing a plastic shopping bag, it is also very important for its entire design. However, there are some problems that require special attention when customizing plastic shopping bags

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