The reasons and solutions for uneven color of plastic bags


 The quality of the coloring agent does not meet the requirements for use.If the injection molding equipment and mold are contaminated by colorants, the hopper, barrel and mold cavity should be cleaned. Resin loss leads to fiber exposure, etc. 

In addition, the screw speed, injection back pressure and injection pressure are too high, the injection and holding time are too long, the injection rate is too fast, the plasticization is not good, there are dead corners in the barrel, and the amount of lubricant is too much, which will cause the surface color of the plastic parts to be poor. all. The reasons and solutions for uneven color of plastic bags. 

If the raw materials are mixed with foreign materials or are poorly dried, the fiber-reinforced raw materials are not uniformly distributed after molding, and the accumulation is exposed or Hand Use Stretch Wrap Film the surface of the plastic bag is in contact with the solvent. Some coloring agents are in the form of aluminum foil and flakes. 

If the dispersibility, thermal stability, and particle morphology of the colorant cannot meet the process requirements, it will be impossible to produce products with good luster.. After being molded in the molten material, they will be aligned directionally, resulting in uneven color on the surface of the plastic part. 

When the barrel temperature is too high, the high-N melt will easily overheat and disperse in the barrel, causing the plastic vest bag to change color; if the temperature at the nozzle is too high, the melt will coke and accumulate at the nozzle, which will also cause uneven color on the surface of the plastic part

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